Clinical Photography

Explaining your experience is one thing, but demonstrating years of practice and clinical expertise is something else entirely.

Most patients will choose their physician based on their training and experience in a respective field, and one of the fastest and most effective ways for your patients to glean that information from you is to provide them with an image gallery that showcases your work.

And not just any image gallery — we’re talking a collection of high-quality photographs that detail your clinical environment as well as the patient-specific results you are able to create for your clients. We understand that it sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

What’s In It for You?

We won’t lie to you; producing first-class photographs that naturally depict who you are and what you do takes work. From setting appointment times with patients to finding the best camera angle and using the right amount of lighting, it can seem overwhelming just to think of all the steps you have to take to produce one solid image. But that’s why Jason J. Johnson and his team are here to do it all for you.

We are a photography and video production company that has a specific niche in the plastic surgery field. That means your procedural images of mommy makeovers and breast augmentations or your before & after shots of injectable fillers like BOTOX® or Juvéderm Voluma® XC are all treatments that we have experience shooting.

You don’t have to feel stressed about trying to take the best photographs; we’ll feel stressed for you. The only difference is that we’ll produce professional, patient-centered images that clearly identify how cosmetic enhancements can improve your patients’ appearances.

Your patients will be able to see the difference your practice can make in meeting their cosmetic goals and just how you’re the best at what you do. Plus, you’ll be pleased with the ROI you receive as a result.

How Is Jason J. Johnson Different?

Not only do patients care about your clinical experience, but also your ability to answer their questions, and most patients want answers fast! That means you have a small window to talk about how you can exceed expectations and provide the information patients need to schedule an appointment.

So what better way to disclose your qualifications than to illustrate them using quality clinical photography? With a professional image gallery, you can sell yourself without saying a thing. A picture is quite literally worth a thousand words in this sense!

The team at Jason J. Johnson Photography & Video Production can bring your practice to a point where your photographs speak for themselves and for you. All you have to do is make a quick phone call, send in a deposit, lock in your shoot date and schedule a time for your patients or staff to come in for a shoot. We’ll do the rest! Our team will come to your practice, set up our equipment and shoot what we need to display your practice in the utmost detail.

We’ll take a variety of photographs for you, including:

  • Lifestyle shots of you at work
  • Clinical trial photographs
  • Head shots and team photos
  • Office photos
  • Clinical before & after images
  • And whatever else you need!

If you’re looking for before & after photography, our team can be in your practice shooting photos of a patient’s treatment before as well as after their results set in, but we’ll take it a step further with diligent care that makes each photograph as detailed as possible.

We set up our lighting and camera angles in a way that focus entirely on the treatment area during the before shot and have mastered how to place patients in the exact position to create an identical after shot that captures the results of their cosmetic treatment. In other words, there will be no difference between your before & after shots other than what a specific procedure has created.

Through clinical photography, Jason J. Johnson and his team can give your patients the opportunity to see how you excel in your field with images that distinctly capture the improvements you are capable of creating.

Jason Johnson has photographed before & after’s for over 850 patients during a 2 year campaign with Allergan/Voluma receiving nonsurgical treatment, which has allowed him to perfect his craft and continue to make adjustments that better reflect your work as a physician. He understands that quality imagery needs to be planned meticulously in order to truly showcase a patient’s results.

The goal of our clinical photography is to help your patients visualize your practice before they step foot in your office, which will earn their trust in you to provide excellent patient care. You’ve heard the phrase “show, don’t tell,” and as cliché as it sounds, it’s also the truth if you want your patients to know what sets you apart from the rest.

Showcase Your Work with Quality Imagery

Scheduling a photoshoot is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing (949) 940-8861. We’d be happy to discuss your business objectives and schedule a shoot! Contact Jason J. Johnson Photography & Video Production today for more information.